Discover the magic of koCreation!
Evaluations with impact are koCreated on Kopanya
Why koCreation?
  • The RFP process hasn't been working well
  • koCreation brings commissioners and evaluators together as valued partners
  • koCreation promotes equal power dynamics between commissioners & evaluators
  • koCreation combines evaluators' expertise with commissioners' program knowledge when designing impactful evaluations
  • koCreation reduces time and resource inefficiencies during the evaluation commissioning process
As a Commissioner in a Commissioning Agency
Commissioner info
  • Create easy RFPs with expected deadlines!
  • Develop RFPs with colleagues
  • Check RFP progress using a simple timeline
  • Review submitted concept notes
  • Easily interpret evaluation competencies
  • koCreate impactful evaluations with competent evaluators
As an Evaluator
Evaluator info
  • Create collaborative consortiums with other evaluators to pool your evaluation competencies
  • koCreate with commissioners to design impactful evaluations
  • Build competency scores following commissioner reviews
  • Coming soon... Track desirable RFPs (see hōlisas below)
Evaluation Competencies
Kopanya uses a combination of the Evaluation Competencies Assessment Tool (ECAT) and ratings to determine the competencies of evaluators. The ECAT was developed by Cho et al. (2020) and draws on the American Evaluation Association's (AEA) competencies for skilled evaluators.
Kopanya Loves AEA
  • Commissioners can filter concept notes based on evaluators' (or consortium) competencies
  • Commissioners can rate evaluators' competencies following the koCreation process
Hōlisa means to nurture or amplify in Sotho, an indigenous African language
  • Coming soon... A hōlisa can be earned by:
    • referring a commissioner who create a commissioning agency
    • referring 3 evaluators
    • completing your profile data
    • participating in research
  • Commissioners can use hōlisas to:
    • spotlight RFPs
  • Coming soon... Evaluators can use hōlisas to:
    • spotlight concept notes
    • set up notifications for preferred RFPs
    • tailor searches for RFPs matched to preferences